Owner: Keith Harrison

Driver: Grant Harrison

Crew Chief: Keith Harrison
          Crew: Geoff Sheldrake (Engines / Engineer)
           Grant Rollason (Hull Technician)
           Glen Harrison
           Paul Morrow
          Geoff Harrison
          Gayle Harrison

Hull: Rollason Grand Prix Hydroplanes 

Hull Designer/Builder:  Grant Rollason Grand Prix Hydroplanes 

Hull Construction: Carbon Fibre Epoxy Composite vacuum bagged Foam & Balsa core

Build Date: 2004 - 2005

Length: 7.45m (24’6”

Width: 3.8 (12’5”

Engine: 510ci Supercharged Chevrolet 

Engine Builder: Geoff Sheldrake/Keith Harrison

Horsepower: 1600 - 1800HP Fuel Methanol

Fuel: Methanol

Gear Box: Casale

Propeller: Billet 14 x 23 3 blade Chromemoly

General Safety: Fully enclosed carbon composite safety cell, top and
bottom escape hatches ,two stage removable steering
wheel, 5 point safety harness, onboard
air supply via face mask, radio communication,
onboard fire suppression system.

Speed: 175mph (280kmh)

Sponsors: Melton Toyota


The Harrison Race Team

This team is a family, literally. Today this team is back together again in a brand new Grand Prix Hydroplane after a short break from the sport.

The Harrison race team consists of team owner Keith Harrison, his son and pilot of the craft Grant, brother Geoff and nephew Glenn. Also making up the team is long time friend and race team engine builder and engineer Geoff Sheldrake, Grant Rollason who designed and built the hull and Paul Morrow.  

The team began competing in the Grand Prix Class in 1990 and have many titles in their career. Pilot Grant Harrison first campaigned his own limited class boats debuting in 1987 and then in 1994 his father retired from the driving duties and since then the father and son combinations been together.

Keith's Career Achievements

Keith’s debut in 1966 saw achievements, championships wins, speed records reach almost one hundred, making a list here would be almost an essay.

Undoubtable Keith’s career highlights as an owner/ driver would have been his win in 1986, in the E.C Griffith Cup Australasian Unlimited Championship. The win was a first for an automotive engine in over 10 years wresting the previous domination away from the aircraft powered engine hydroplanes.

Also as owner the 2003/04/05 years winning every major championship, including Victorian, Australian and Australasian championships as well as creating history being the first to win the U.I.M. World Grand Prix Hydroplane championship in the southern hemisphere.

Grant's Career Achievements

Debut 1987

1989 Victorian 5.2 litre Displacement State Championship

1991 New South Wales 7.5 Litre Hydroplane Championship

2001 Victorian Grand Prix Hydroplane Championship  Len Owen Trophy

2003 Victorian Grand Prix Hydroplane Championship Len Owen Trophy

2004 NSW Open Unlimited Open Championship Eastway Shield

2004 Australian Grand Prix Hydroplane ChampionshipMary & Ernie Nunn Trophy

2004 Australasian Unlimited Unrestricted Championship "EC Griffith Cup"

2004 U.I.M World Grand Prix Hydroplane Championship

2005 Australasian Unlimited Unrestricted Championship "EC Griffith Cup"

2008 Victorian Oz Lite (1.6 ltr) Hydroplane Championship

2010/2011 Australian Unlimited Unrestricted Open Championship "Hayes Wood Trophy"

2012 U.I.M World Grand Prix Hydroplane Champion

2012 (or 100th year) "EC Griffith Cup" Champion

2014 "EC Griffith Cup" Champion

2015 "EC Griffith Cup" Champion


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